Join Dr. Edwin Riley, Ph.D. for the ULTIMATE “Stress Reduction Vacation” of your Life in Tepoztlan, Mexico.

Registration is now open for these dates: July 23-28, 2019. Space is limited.


7 Days to Wake Up Retreat


7 Days to Wake Up Retreat - This spiritual journey and apprenticeship in "magic" will be guided by stress reduction guru Dr. Edwin Riley and merry maker Marco Krakaur, at Teocalli, a retreat in the sacred valley of Tepoztlan dedicated to finding happiness, peace and joy for a lifetime. Teocalli is the bridge to spirit ... [more]


Viktoras Kulvinskas"The Stress Rx pre- scriptions are working. Dr. Riley endorses safe, self-medication. Side effects as reported by readers include youthful energy and hysterical laughter. I traveled with Doc for a month and saw him in action with clients and his personal life and I can say with certainty he is the ‘Johnny Appleseed’ of happiness ... Do it NOW, and you will have the best day ever 24/7.”
Viktoras Kulvinskas,
Co-founder Hippocrates Health Institute and Author of Survival in the 21st Century

Sandy Hill“ A truly unique vacation adventure experience. Be prepared for lush peaceful colorful surroundings, dancing salsa under the stars, a delicious soak in a tub filled with wonderful barks and herbal scents, soothing massage . . . Everything flowed beautifully. I want to go back again and again!!!”
Sandy Hill
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

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vacation thumbnailStress Reduction Vacation - Leave your stress behind. LITERALLY. What makes this vacation different from just any stress reduction program is that we offer permanent change from old patterns and behaviors that cause stress. Our specially designed program puts the body back in balance ... [more]


Dr. Edwin Riley leads Qigong class with special guest Viktoras Kulvinskas.

Dr. Edwin 'Elvis' Riley celebrates and honors Viktoras' 80th birthday.

Listen to an interview with Dr. Riley and the co-directors of the Hippocrates Health Institute, Brian Clement PHD, LN and Anna Maria Clement, PHD, LN.

Listen to his radio interview on WLRQ-FM in Florida

alphabet soupThe Alphabet Soup for Stress Reduction workshop is a mix of alchemy, heavenly concoctions, organic condiments, mystical wisdom, philosophical spices, ... blended into a frothy cosmic formula for wise decision making in promoting lifelong health. [more]

FAT Rx Book CoverFAT Rx E-book. How to Lose Weight, Reduce Stress and Have Fun Eating Healthy. 2011
by Dr. Edwin Riley

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Stress Rx CoverStress Rx: 103 Prescriptions for Overcoming Stress and Achieving Lifelong Happiness
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7 Days to Wake-Up Retreat Benefits

  • Alchemy: converting stress, despair and negative emotions into joy and bliss.
  • Regaining the innocence of a child at play.
  • Exuding excitement in this journey called life.
  • Learning how forgiveness cultivates wisdom and intelligence.
  • Discovering a spiritual world in a parallel universe where time and space are external and always present.
  • Making most of your time here and now.
  • Finding miracles in the present moment.
  • Creating activities of pure joy and challenge and enthusiasm.

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Our Mission

quote mark leftAt, our words are impeccable. So are our thoughts, intention and the search for personal truth. Our diet is mental, emotional and spiritual as well as what we eat. What we eat promotes optimal health. Our philosophy is to digest all of our life experiences. In a world now fraught with many challenges, Dr. Edwin Riley offers programs so we can rise to our highest potential. Aware that each of us is a unique, one-of-a-kind individual on a path that differs from the next person, we have designed courses and retreats so everyone is comfortable at whatever stage of evolution that we find ourselves. After all, we are all one, interconnected and our course in life is to achieve an optimal state of joy and happiness. Dr. Edwin Riley offers you an adventure and experience of self-discovery and awareness quote mark rightso we may all grow together as one in spirit and consciousness.