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Article on Stress Reduction: Hippocates Health Institute December 2009


Private Stress Management Programs


Dr. Edwin Riley, foremost author, teacher and expert on stress reduction, offers treatment programs and private stress management consultations for individuals and groups desiring to permanently reduce stress and achieve lifelong happiness.

Our Stress Reduction Clinic is geared to teaching clients how to use effective tools to cope with illness and other problems. We offer private consultations in person or by telephone on a case-by-case basis. The clinic also presents intensive one day classes and workshops on “Freeing Your Mind and Body for Relaxation.”

The clinic deals with a variety of stress-related disorders and illnesses including:

  • Chronic pain, heart disease and cancer. In reducing stress associated with such severe illnesses, patients often reduce anxiety and discomfort.
  • People who have panic attacks many not show any outward signs of discomfort, the feelings they experience are so overwhelming and terrifying that they really believe they are going to die, lose their minds or be totally humiliated. Panic attack victims usually develop panic induced phobias and tend to avoid situations they fear will trigger and attack. Their lives become limited. Relationships may be strained as panic attacks, or fear of them, rule the affected person. Chronic lifelong symptoms, specific phobias, unexplained fears and anxiety can be eliminated by going to the origin of the subconscious using hypnosis and regression therapy.
  • Fibromyaligia is a chronic illness characterized by widespread pain, fatigue, sleep disturbance and resistance to treatment. There is considerable overlap between fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. The specific cause of these illness is unknown. Recent clinical studies show that a meditation-based stress reduction program is highly effective.
  • Unresolved childhood pain and trauma often emerge in the adult triggering symptoms including guilt, depression, lack of self-worth and self-destructive behavior. By becoming consciously aware of these repressed experiences in a relaxed hypnotic state, we can eliminate negative programming. Visualization, regression and other powerful, proven techniques in the Stress Reduction Toolkit can help us improve our self-image, change the way we relate to others and achieve specific goals.
  • Feelings of uncertainty, insecurity and anxiety about jobs and income has recently created new levels of stress. An increasingly competitive and technological economy continues to eliminate jobs once considered safe. The work place no longer values workers like it once did. And more people are now longing for personally fullfilling careers. The Stress Reduction Clinic helps overcome fear linked with job extinction and change. The clinic offers special programs in this area.
  • Weight Control: Each individual is different. However, as a general rule, if you are less than 25 pounds overweight, two or three hypnosis sessions are usually sufficient. If you are more than 25 pounds overweight, possibly more sessions would be required. Diets afford only temporary change. In identifying and removing the cause of weight gain, permanent change can take place.
  • Individuals affected negatively by chemicals usually have feelings of low self-esteem and self worth. The clinic’s program helps substance abusers build a positive self image and overcome the need for addictive behavior. By learning to use the proper tools, it becomes easier for such individuals to remain free of damaging substances.