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I am sad because most people are self-absorbed.
Because no one really listens to cries for help and later wonder why their “loved” one didn’t reach out.
I am sad because my country – my heritage – no longer works.
Because materialism in my lifetime equates success.
I am sad because Mother Earth cries and too few listen and comfort her needs.
I am sad because as Robert Heinlein said: “I am a stranger in a strange land.”
I am sad for all naive humanity who choose leaders that failed humanity.
I am sad because our planet is polluted and poisoned.
I am sad because I am a human being living in an inhumane world.
I am sad because people are starving needlessly and suffering unnecessary disease.
I am sad because corruption is acceptable in high places and the inner sanctum of global society.
I am sad because WAR and nuclear bombs are still heralded as weapons of peace.
I am sad because generosity and kindness are rare qualities.
I am sad because love is not celebrated as the antidote for hate and depression and loneliness.
I am sad because not enough people smile back.
I am sad because saying “I Love You” is suspect and has an agenda.
I am sad because waters of our oceans are filled with human consumer excrement and primordial life dies.
I am sad because we as so-called civilized nations are uncivil.
I cry tears for ancestors who knew better and lived pure lives for sustainable hope.
I cry because my tears must flow to cleanse wounds of my soul.
I am sad because my brothers and sisters are wounded and cannot see or feel their wounds.
I am sad because
I am sad because
sadness so prevalent.
Now I weep for all nations, all peoples, all sentient beings, wolves and birds and creatures of Planet Earth.
I am sad yet hungry for change so few become empowered for masses in right action so sadness dissipates and happiness prevails.
I AM HAPPY because I know and feel my aliveness and I am living life.
I am happy because happiness always prevails over sadness.
I am happy because everything is possible and all our dreams can be realized.
Our world can be unified and has unlimited, boundless conscious potential.
I am happy because happiness is contagious.
I am happy because many people love me unconditionally as I do them.
I am happy because I am me not a design model of social conditioning.
I am happy because I take time to listen to birds singing and revel ecstatically in sunrises and sunsets.
I am happy because I accept life as an opportunity to grow.
I am happy because I smile inside myself and don’t take life too seriously.
I am happy because everything is perfect even though many perceive some imperfection.
I am happy because I work up this morning to celebrate another day.
I am happy because I have love and songs of life to share with everyone I meet.
I am happy because over very existence is miraculous.
I am happy because I have friends who love me and I love them equally.
I am happy because the sun rises and sets.
I am happy because I can dance down the street and not care what others think.
I AM HAPPY – ecstatically – because I am not sad.

How Safe is Mexico?


Last week I went to Zipolite Beach for several days. Zipolite is a small pueblo on the Pacific Coast nine hours south of Acapulco. There are no police, stop signs, street lights and only one paved (brick) street. It is quiet and laid back. The beach is clothing optional and probably 50% beach goers are naked. You can get a basic room directly on the ocean for $10 nightly. Meals are fresh and cheap. People come from all parts of the world and everyone has a story. I met Kim laying in a hammock beneath a palapa. She’s from London and books big name rock bands. Now burned out on cold weather and big city hassles, she had been kicked back at Zipolite for two months. Her plans are to stay in Mexico and build her booking business out of Mexico City so she can live a more laid back life in no rush, no fuss pueblos like Zipolite in between bookings.
So what is all the big deal in the American press about violence in Mexico? True immigration and drug issues are serious United States internal problems. Also true are accounts about turf battles between the narcotic cartels and federal law officers, especially along the border towns in Texas and Arizona. Yet when you look at statistics, the murder rate in Mexico is about equal to the U.S. if you discount combatants in drug wars. Yes, sometimes innocent and unfortunate bystanders get caught in the crossfire, but violence is pretty much everywhere in the world.
I have lived off and on in Mexico for more than 10 years and I feel absolutely safe. I tell people that “I fly over the bullets” that predominate the border towns to arrive at my destination in the tropical mountain village of Tepoztlan where all the streets are cobblestone and the main job for police is directing traffic on the narrow streets.
Putting the violence more in perspective, in 2010 more than two-thirds of U.S. cities were more deadly that Tijuana, Mexico, in muders per 100,000. Tijuana, hown as the city most affected by the cartel wars, recorded 7.2 muders per 100,000 people. New Orleans, Baltimore, Detroit and Washington, D.C. had in excess of 15 murders per 100k.
Crime happens everywhere. Even Mexicans avoid certain border towns.
I expect there is a political and monetary agenda for all the press bashing about Mexico. The U.S. government is trying to stymie international travel. Keep people at home and the money stays. And people don’t discover there is another place on the planet where the cost of living is considerably less, education and health care are superior and people are not consumed by media fear and propaganda.
So come join me south of the border. Life is good!