I am sad because most people are self-absorbed.
Because no one really listens to cries for help and later wonder why their “loved” one didn’t reach out.
I am sad because my country – my heritage – no longer works.
Because materialism in my lifetime equates success.
I am sad because Mother Earth cries and too few listen and comfort her needs.
I am sad because as Robert Heinlein said: “I am a stranger in a strange land.”
I am sad for all naive humanity who choose leaders that failed humanity.
I am sad because our planet is polluted and poisoned.
I am sad because I am a human being living in an inhumane world.
I am sad because people are starving needlessly and suffering unnecessary disease.
I am sad because corruption is acceptable in high places and the inner sanctum of global society.
I am sad because WAR and nuclear bombs are still heralded as weapons of peace.
I am sad because generosity and kindness are rare qualities.
I am sad because love is not celebrated as the antidote for hate and depression and loneliness.
I am sad because not enough people smile back.
I am sad because saying “I Love You” is suspect and has an agenda.
I am sad because waters of our oceans are filled with human consumer excrement and primordial life dies.
I am sad because we as so-called civilized nations are uncivil.
I cry tears for ancestors who knew better and lived pure lives for sustainable hope.
I cry because my tears must flow to cleanse wounds of my soul.
I am sad because my brothers and sisters are wounded and cannot see or feel their wounds.
I am sad because
I am sad because
sadness so prevalent.
Now I weep for all nations, all peoples, all sentient beings, wolves and birds and creatures of Planet Earth.
I am sad yet hungry for change so few become empowered for masses in right action so sadness dissipates and happiness prevails.
I AM HAPPY because I know and feel my aliveness and I am living life.
I am happy because happiness always prevails over sadness.
I am happy because everything is possible and all our dreams can be realized.
Our world can be unified and has unlimited, boundless conscious potential.
I am happy because happiness is contagious.
I am happy because many people love me unconditionally as I do them.
I am happy because I am me not a design model of social conditioning.
I am happy because I take time to listen to birds singing and revel ecstatically in sunrises and sunsets.
I am happy because I accept life as an opportunity to grow.
I am happy because I smile inside myself and don’t take life too seriously.
I am happy because everything is perfect even though many perceive some imperfection.
I am happy because I work up this morning to celebrate another day.
I am happy because I have love and songs of life to share with everyone I meet.
I am happy because over very existence is miraculous.
I am happy because I have friends who love me and I love them equally.
I am happy because the sun rises and sets.
I am happy because I can dance down the street and not care what others think.
I AM HAPPY – ecstatically – because I am not sad.

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