Healing Chi Kung Classes and Workshops

Healing Chi Kung Class September 2009

Dr. Edwin Riley, foremost author, teacher and expert on stress reduction, offers pioneering Healing Chi Kung classes and workshops for individuals and groups desiring to permanantly reduce stress and achieve lifelong happiness. This fast growing practice awakens and cultivates energy (chi) through simple movements and postures with breath coordination.

Dr. Edwin Riley says these workshops are possibly the "most important hours you will ever experience to eliminate disease, reduce stress, and prolong your life."

Healing Chi Kung is used in virtually all Chinese hospitals today, and is easy for anyone regardless of age and health conditions. Participants will learn how to maintain health, heal sickness and pain, relax and regulate the body.

Dr. Riley integrated Healing Chi Kung practices into his stress reduction clinic programs in the United States. Now gaining recognition and respect in the country, Chi Kung practice has been shown to reduce stress, equalize blood pressure, oxygen demand and pulse rates.

Three different forms are taught in this half day program along with the basic understanding of chi kung theory. With easy to learn techniques, participants stimulate body pathways to remove stagnation and blockages that contribute to pain and disease. Other forms taught adjust the spine and stimulate the central nervous system providing healing oxygen to both the mind and body.

"In many respects, we learn how to become our own acupuncturist without needles and our own chiropractor without gross manipulation, " Dr. Riley expains.

On-going Healing Chi Kung workshops for optimal wellness are scheduled upon request in locations in the United States. For more information or to schedule your workshop, contact Dr. Riley at 561-628-8007 or email at riley@stressreduction.com.