How to Relieve Stress: Stress Reduction and Stress Management Classes & Workshops

Dr. Edwin RileyDr. Edwin Riley is a leader in showing you how to relieve stress through his highly successful stress reduction and stress management classes & workshops - including stress reduction techniques. Dr. Riley, foremost author, teacher and expert on stress relief, offers highly-successful, time tested programs to individuals, corporations and educational facilities worldwide that will help you overcome stress and achieve lifelong happiness.

The Mind-Body Renewal Camp - 1 Day Program
Join us for a day of discovery and stress release, and do something good for yourself that will last a lifetime. Spend a day renewing your mind/body connection, and learn proven techniques that you'll use again and again to release stress and feel better.

Stress Reduction Techniques

Edwin Riley, Ph.D. offers you highly successful ways to relieve stress through the use of proven stress reduction techniques. Conquer stress-related disorders and illness now through one my stress reduction classes or workshops, private consultations, or by accessing one of the many free meditation techniques provided here on my website and my new book Stress Rx.

Managing stress and anxiety in today's hectic environment has become an increasingly complex challenge. The obvious stresses of physical and emotional pain, as well as the more subtle stresses of work, family, relationships, and society seem endless. More than ever, our day to day lives have been severely compromised with job demands, fast paced lifestyles, and self-imposed expectations.

Quite simply, stress can make us sick. It can be the root cause of heart disease, cancer, hypertension, chronic pain, sleep disorders, headache, panic attacks, and more.

Though stress is recognized as a medical problem, there are a series of time-proven techniques that can help us deal with this affliction of modern day life. The Stress Reduction Clinic is designed to provide practical tools and techniques for the achievement of an optimal state of mental, physical and spiritual health. It offers an information base to help us see ourselves and the world in a new way.

The methods and tools offered by the Clinic are intended to help use take charge of our own lives instead of letting events control us. You can overcome stress and achieve lifelong happiness.

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Stress Reduction Techniques