Love Chemistry: The Chemistry of Love Workshop by Edwin Riley, Ph.D.

Dr. Edwin Riley's one-day workshop on The Chemistry of Love will help you explore love chemistry and the ways to experience and sustain love. The workshop covers topics ranging from sexuality to spirituality to "love foods."

Dr. Edwin Riley, a pioneer in the field of mind/body medicine and stress reduction, says the absence of love is the root cause of stress and disease. He will explain that how we love ourselves and others is imperative to health, anti-aging, and a sense of well-being. "Lack of love beginning in the womb can determine why disease and depression appear in our adulthood."

As a holistic psychotherapist and educator, Dr. Riley said understanding the chemistry and biology of love is "bottom line in creating healthy attitudes and eliminating stress in our lives." This applies to everyone regardless their status and being single, heterosexual or same sex couples.

Advance registration is required.

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