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7 Days to Wake Up for Fun & Bliss Retreat - Costa Rica

Dr. Edwin Riley, Ph.D. &
Rev. Viktoras Kulvinskas, M.S.
Montezuma, Costa Rica
December 1 - 8, 2012


Lodging for 8 days & 7 nights
All raw & organic meals & fresh juices
Yoga every morning & e-motion in the evening
Lectures, meditation/satsang/circles & MORE !!
Ample free time daily for exploring, adventures, hiking, horseback riding, surfing, ziplines, butterfly garden, waterfall excursions, etc., at client's expense.

Airfare, gratuities, airport shuttle, spa services and private excursions


Prices vary depending on your choices and ability to act fast !!

There are 3 rooms available. All have air conditioning and large 5' x 8' screened windows.

Room 1
Queen size bed (or bunk bed) perfect for a couple ... with ceiling fan and a beautiful view of the flower garden.
PRICE: $1,695.00

Room 2
Dorm style with 2 bunk beds good for 4 people. The bunk beds are extra tall for comfort. This is also the room where the library is kept ... which also has a ceiling fan.
PRICE: $1,495.00

Room 3
Has a Queen size bunk bed for 2 (possibly even a group of 4).
PRICE: $1,595.00


The home has 1 full indoor bathroom...as well as 2 other bathrooms within building.
Hot & cold showers...and a large outdoor yoga, kitchen and dining room area with an panoramic ocean view and a strong breeze. Mosquito free !!

Again...the above options are on a first come first serve basis.
While only a deposit is required to reserve your participation ... to reserve a specific room, payment in full is required.


The other accommodation option is a 10 minute walk from the retreat location ...
Learn & see more at ... www.aguavista.cr Couples or a family/group of 4 can have a home with a swimming pool in a very beautiful and extremely quiet surroundings. Accommodation and fees
would be your responsibility.

PRICE (without accomodations)



Author of Stress Rx, and a doctor of Mind/Body Medicine, Transpersonal Psychology and Integrative Health Care. In addition to his private practice in Palm Beach County, Florida, he periodically conducts "Stress Reduction Vacations" in the tropical mountains outside Cuernavaca, Mexico. He also lectures extensively throughout the United States on topics related to stress reduction, anti-aging, and the mind/body connection, helping people facing difficulties gain control over fear and stress.

A proponent for natural healing for 30 years, he completed his doctoral internship under the direction of Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn at the nationally acclaimed Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. He is certified as a Hippocrates Health Educator and also lectures on enzyme nutrition, the bio-chemistry of foods, and exercise physiology. Dr. Riley received his Master's degree at the University of Florida. He taught creative writing and communications in colleges and universities, and currently conducts workshops in Healing Chi Kung and tai chi, both in the United States and Mexico.

Dr. Riley's research led him to the curanderos and shamanic healers in Mexico where he accessed centuries-old holistic healing traditions. In November 2002, Dr. Riley began living in Mexico part of the year where he facilitates week-long stress reduction vacations. He is also engaged in a research project with a plant that promotes nutritional and medicinal benefits. http://www.stressreduction.com/
Call Dr. Riley at 561-628-8007
or email at riley@stressreduction.com



Breakfast - will be available early morning tea, wheatgrass and green juices (organic cucumber, celery, dark greens).

After yoga ... usually a fruit salad as well as on a few occasions sprouted granola ... sprouted grain cereal.

About the 2 Main Meals ...
(we grow our own wheatgrass and sunflower greens - the vegetables will be provided to us by The Honey & Heart Organic Farmers Market). The fruit comes from local farmers who do not patronize the chemical farming. The two main meals will include items listed below: a green salad, sprouts, flax crackers, kimchi or raw vikraut, and either an avocado based meal or pre-digested protein meal. Each main course meal will include special dishes created by our culinary chefs that includes:
raw lasangna, pizza, tamales, vikveggie burgers & viketchup, green energy soups, as well as borsch, falafel, seed cheeses (sunflower, almond, cashew) with raw crackers, hummus, special pre-digested protein dressings of ferments of tahini as well as soaked seeds and nuts. Your sweet tooth will be satisfied with well combined sweet squash and/or root vegetables with one meal dedicated to desserts :-) Green soup options will be available for those who wish to choose as an alternative Wednesday will be also an optional green juice day for all.


Our Basic FLOW of EVENTS

Saturday - Dec. 1

Arrival of guests and getting acquainted and settled. Welcoming remarks from Viktoras and Edwin. General itinerary for coming week. Orientation : Holistic Living Orientation " Definition based on www.pcrm.org and Surgeon General Report Dinner

Sunday - Dec. 2

7 a.m. Meditation lead by Edwin. Everyday we do a 30-minute sitting

8 a.m. Healing Chi Kung lead by Edwin. (daily 45 minutes to an hour)

9:30 Viktoras prepares and serves green drink with explanation of health benefits.

Walk into Montezuma for orientation to community and beach. Brief ocean ceremony. Theme for day is "Honoring Mother Earth.)

Return to house for lunch.

Viktoras Lecture - "The Biological Markers of Aging and How to Accelerate your Rejuvenation without Being Extreme"

Hike to waterfall

Return to house for dinner.

Live music entertainment.

Monday - Dec. 3

Morning meditation and chi kung with Edwin.

Green drink. Viktoras Lecture - " Youthing Stages 1 - 5 " Lunch Afternoon tai chi instruction with Edwin on beach. Theme for day is "Finding Our Spot: "Who Am I?" Letting go of trying to get somewhere. Being rather than doing. While on the beach or at the river, participants search for a "special" rock and later show and tell. Also instructed to find a special spot of their own to sit and contemplate and write what comes to mind for sharing in the evening. Back to house. Viktoras Q & A. Dinner. Belly Dancing.

Tuesday - Dec. 4

Morning meditation and chi kung practice. Green drink and breakfast. Zipline at Montezuma River. Lunch Viktoras Lecture - "Therapuetic Enzymology in Relationship to Incurable Diseases, Longevity, as well as Olympic and Weekend Warriors" Walking meditation in upper meadow with Edwin.

Dinner. Entertainment

Wednesday - Dec. 5

Meditation and chi kung. Green drink. Yoga Lunch Tai chi instruction with Edwin Viktoras Lecture - "Detoxification in a Chemicalized World" Dinner

Guided Body Scan Meditation with Edwin

Thursday - Dec. 6

meditation and chi kung. green drink. Theme: "Becoming a Child at Play."

Drumming instruction. Everyone participates. Lunch on ocean or at river. Time to frolic.

Viktoras Lecture - "Chlorophyll Greens for Survival and Healing" After dinner back at house, there will be the traditional fire ceremony to bring participants into the "light and joy of bliss and higher consciousness."

Friday - Dec. 7

Meditation and chi kung. Green drink. Theme for day is the "Dance of Life." Dancing outside the ego through movement. This is accomplished with a salsa dance class and then dance of free expression, balancing right and left brain activity. Viktoras Lecture - "Survival in the NOW" Since this is the final day, evening of magic culminates with a candlelit fiesta.

Saturday - Dec. 8

Meditation, green drink, final comments Viktoras & Edwin, breakfast and departure.

Viktoras Lecture - "Preparations for the return home and how to continue to be
the best you can be"


With the chi kung (qigong) I will be teaching the following forms during the week so they will have this information to take home and apply to lifestyle change:

  • Patting down the chi
  • Shaking down the chi
  • 9-movement chi permeating form
  • 15-movement Incense chi kung
  • 8 power energy exchange
  • Qigong for cleansing the liver
  • Qigong for kidneys and back pain, etc.

Aside from formal sitting meditation, I will also provide introductory tai chi instruction daily primarily with objective for people to let go of trying to control or "be perfect" and just go with the flow. Also walking meditation practice. Emphasis on showing up in our lives, paying attention, telling the truth and no attachment to outcome.