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7 Days to Wake Up Retreat - Tepoztlan, Mex.

Becoming Magic:  A Spiritual Journey to the Sacred Valley of Tepoztlan

- December 15th thru 22, 2012
- January 19th thru 26th, 2013

7 Days to Wake Up RetreatThis spiritual journey and teachings in "magic" and "awareness" will be guided by Dr. Edwin Riley co-mentored with Hotel Teocalli owner Marco Krakaur.

Teocalli, a refuge in the tropical mountain village of Tepoztlan known globally as a high vibrational sacred vortex is the "bridge to spirit".  Age old questions like "Who Am I," "What is My Purpose?" "What's Next?" and "Surviving Traumas in this Changing World," can be answered through direct experience and adventures designed to access magic and healing within the true self.  Experience "Dance of Life" and connect with key universal truths.  Become a "Wizard of Light and Joy" to release stress and nourish potential boundless happiness.

Each day begins with meditation and chi kung (qigong) instruction to open chakra energies in preparation for the day's journey.  Each moment has intention and focuses on a specific theme.  "Tribute to Mother Earth" is a Temazcal cleansing ceremonial return to the womb of nature, mind, body and spirit.  Learn the principles of truth and healing taught in mystical Mayan traditions of pre-Hispanic cultures through rituals like fire ceremony, orientation of "Four Winds," cosmic vibrations and centuries old revered decrees.

Other topics include "Dance of Life, " "Healing Foods for Optimal Health, Vitality and Longevity," "Lessons in Dhaka Taka," "Embracing Joy and Magic," "Aligning Fields of Energy," "Healing Massage," "Yoga, " "Bathing in Colors," "Walking Love," "Music for the Soul," and "Universal Vibrations."

"Becoming a Magician" retreat is a spiritual journey about getting to know oneself and truths of the universe. By transmuting negative thoughts that cause suffering and disease through spiritual magic, one becomes the Magician of eternal peace, health and love.

May peace, joy and compassion be your pathway now and forever!

Cost US $1495
Includes: Accomodation, Vegetarian Food, and Entrance to the Different Events.