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Learn to manage your COVID-19 stress through private consultation, online qigong classes, guided meditation and more.


Dr. Edwin Riley


Qigong Classes Online

Dr. Riley is a master instructor in Qigong energy healing, a healthcare system to reduce stress and disease by removing blocks, obstructions, congestion and pain in the energetic, physical, mental and emotional body.

For 30 years he has taught thousands of people how to cultivate energy (qi) through simple movements, postures and breath coordination.

He will be offering on-line classes Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. - 10:45 a.m. in Medical Qigong focusing on lung and breathing revitalization to help ward off Coronavirus infection.

These exercises strengthen lung capacity for fuller, deeper inhalations, release toxins from respiratory tissue, and build the immune system to fight respiratory illness.

To participate sign on Facebook.com/edwin.riley.98
A suggested donation of $10 per class.

To make a donation using PayPal click this link: PayPal.Me/StressReduction

U.S. Enzymes


Did you listen to one of my Facebook Live or Zoom events and looking to order products mentioned?

The three important items to have on board to support your health are systemic enzymes, digestive enzymes, and a probiotic that meets your individual needs. A great systemic enzyme for the time we are in is Serraxym taken as directed on the bottle. A great digestive enzyme is Digestxym which is energized by the patented Astrazyme mineral blend. contains the patented Astrazyme mineral blend. Last but certainly not least, a good professional grade probiotic supports our bodies immune system. TruFlora is ideal for this purpose. This combination of products is a great starting point for anyone concerned about their health.

US Enzymes are vegan based products that work at all pH levels unlike other enzymes on the market.

If you have any significant GI issues, you might benefit more from TheraLacPro or TrubifidoPro. These are stronger probiotic blends with a specific purposes. If this describes you or the person you are purchasing for, then please consider consulting with Melanie Polk, Board certified in Holistic Nutrition. You may reach her at 870-416-6159. If the voicemail picks up, please leave a message with a callback number and say that you heard about her through Dr. Riley. She is offering a $30 consult special to ensure you have the best probiotic for your system.

Master Supplements/US Enzymes has created an easy-to-use affiliate link for you to order your supplements under Dr. Riley. Use the link below to download a PDF step by step instruction sheet for ordering from the company.

Download Order Instructions

Masters Supplements Inc.

Private Health Consultations

Private Health ConsultationsAs we all adapt to the pandemic, Dr. Edwin Riley, Ph.D., now offers private consultations from his virtual office. A pioneer in the field of stress reduction and mind/body medicine and author of “Stress Rx,” Dr. Riley has helped thousands of clients permanently reduce stress, depression, anxiety and achieve lifelong happiness. [more]


Listen to Legends radio interviews of Dr. Riley discussing stress management and the Covid 19 pandemic.


Dr. Edwin Riley leads Qigong class with special guest Viktoras Kulvinskas.

Dr. Edwin 'Elvis' Riley celebrates and honors Viktoras' 80th birthday.

Listen to an interview with Dr. Riley and the co-directors of the Hippocrates Health Institute, Brian Clement PHD, LN and Anna Maria Clement, PHD, LN.

Listen to his radio interview on WLRQ-FM in Florida

alphabet soupThe Alphabet Soup for Stress Reduction workshop is a mix of alchemy, heavenly concoctions, organic condiments, mystical wisdom, philosophical spices, ... blended into a frothy cosmic formula for wise decision making in promoting lifelong health. [more]

FAT Rx Book CoverFAT Rx E-book. How to Lose Weight, Reduce Stress and Have Fun Eating Healthy. 2011
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Stress Rx CoverStress Rx: 103 Prescriptions for Overcoming Stress and Achieving Lifelong Happiness
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Guided Body Scan Meditation

Managing stress is perhaps the only mental and emotional solution to finding peace and balance in this “Age of Uncertainty” of Coronavirus.

Adapting to the world in which we now live, Dr. Edwin Riley, Ph.D., a pioneer in the field of stress reduction and mind/body medicine, focuses on stress factors impacting our health negatively such as fear of the unknown and fear of illness.

One of the most powerful tools in his stress reduction arsenal is the “Guided Body Scan Meditation.” This 38-minute MP3 is a mind/body connection that eliminates PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL fear-based thinking and strengthens immune function.

Tapping into the mind’s power to heal, this soothing meditation rejuvenates respiratory function while it clears and quiets the mind.

And most important, listening to this pleasing meditation has a cumulative effect to restore harmony and comfort into our personal lives during this challenging period.

Our Mission

quote mark leftAt StressReduction.com, our words are impeccable. So are our thoughts, intention and the search for personal truth. Our diet is mental, emotional and spiritual as well as what we eat. What we eat promotes optimal health. Our philosophy is to digest all of our life experiences. In a world now fraught with many challenges, Dr. Edwin Riley offers programs so we can rise to our highest potential. Aware that each of us is a unique, one-of-a-kind individual on a path that differs from the next person, we have designed courses and retreats so everyone is comfortable at whatever stage of evolution that we find ourselves. After all, we are all one, interconnected and our course in life is to achieve an optimal state of joy and happiness. Dr. Edwin Riley offers you an adventure and experience of self-discovery and awareness quote mark rightso we may all grow together as one in spirit and consciousness.


Viktoras Kulvinskas"The Stress Rx pre- scriptions are working. Dr. Riley endorses safe, self-medication. Side effects as reported by readers include youthful energy and hysterical laughter. I traveled with Doc for a month and saw him in action with clients and his personal life and I can say with certainty he is the ‘Johnny Appleseed’ of happiness ... Do it NOW, and you will have the best day ever 24/7.”
Viktoras Kulvinskas,
Co-founder Hippocrates Health Institute and Author of Survival in the 21st Century

Sandy Hill“A truly unique vacation adventure experience. Be prepared for lush peaceful colorful surroundings, dancing salsa under the stars, a delicious soak in a tub filled with wonderful barks and herbal scents, soothing massage . . . Everything flowed beautifully. I want to go back again and again!!!”
Sandy Hill
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida